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Inbound Marketing & SEO – Seize Opportunity or Resist Change

With a little help from the experts, Andy Betts  – – digs deeper into SEO and its convergence with social media, content marketing, and other inbound marketing techniques to come up with ideas, questions, and tips that may offer solutions to overhyped problems.

Much has been written lately about SEO and its convergence with social media, content marketing, and other inbound marketing techniques. While many people in the SEO field embrace the convergence of social, content, and inbound marketing strategies others remain resistant to change and convergence.

Change is something that search, digital, and in-house marketing departments need to adapt to quickly. Clients seek solutions on how to integrate SEO, social media, and content marketing.

Structuring the way we present our products and services, our talent, and adapting to a more holistic way of thinking is how we help them do this.

Seize Opportunity – Don’t Resist Change
As marketers we spend lots of time talking about user behavior, buying personas, and the psychology of sharing related to our products and services, such as the psychology of sharing and the psychology of link building, social influence, audience segmentation and remarketing.

Two different sides, or hemispheres, of the brain are responsible for different ways of thinking and as soon as we look into the difference between the left and right brain hemispheres it clearly becomes apparent why some people are more technically driven than others and why so much conflict and debate surrounds topics such as inbound media, SEO, and social media.

To put is simply and go back to basics – left-brain marketers who tend to be analytical collide with right-brained marketers who think holistically and are more open to conceptual thinking.

Ring any bells?

The winners in this industry are the people who sit in the middle and can adapt and balance left and right brain thinking. They use technology to diffuse creativity and create concepts that become measurable.

Build Your Own Converged Media Mind
The converged media mind utilizes both the left and right part of the brain and applies this thinking to the appropriate channel with the appropriate metric.

From this you can build the right relationships with your peers (counterparts) and share the right skills to engage with the right audience via the right channel and via the right medium.



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