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How To Train Your Employees To Handle Your Social Media #Infographic

Social Media Consultants can be an expensive addition to your business. But in this day and age, no company can operate without a sound social plan.
Who needs an expensive social media consultant when you can train your employees in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn best practices yourself?
How can you find your company’s natural social media rockstars and get your entire team on board with your goals?
This Mindflash Infographic breaks down the types of social media users you’ll find in your company — the digital native, savvy technologist, reluctant user, digital newby and digital contrarian — and how to approach training each of them.
This guide also highlights an important fact: 76% of companies do not have a clearly defined social media policy. Whether or not you have an explicit policy, make sure you’re aware of the way everyone in your company represents your brand.
Despite the swanky pitches you may receive from pros, your best social media team might actually be your current workforce. 
By Colin Dobrin – here: 

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