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Here’s What Happens When You Hate Your Job

Sometimes the place you thought you wanted to work is not the right fit. 
Brent Daily – -founder of RoundPegg, ascertains that the typical hiring process is fantastically dysfunctional.
Failing to do your own diligence has its costs and willingness to overlook red flags in order to win a job.
However, gaining a position with an organisation whose culture is not the right fit has its costs:Loss of confidenceLack of motivation to engage in other important areas of your life andMissed oppotunities to advance knowledge, responsibilities and personal brandThere is more to our professional success than having the chops, and it comes back to how well we fit the company culture, the team’s work dynamics and our manager’s style.The best thing you can do when finding your next employer is to dig deep and conduct your own interview.Odds are the hiring manager isn’t going to be able to articulate the culture or how they operate so you have to get your hands dirty to get a better feel for whether it is the right place for you.Specifically:Decision-MakingFeedback and RewardsTeam DynamicsManagementAnd then:Drop Your Preconceived NotionsListen CriticallyProbeLanding a job is less important than landing a job at the right company for you. Take back some control over the process, interview everyone on the team and don’t hesitate to be the first one to say, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

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