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Effective Email Call-To-Action [CTA] – #Infographic

Check out this new + useful Infographic from Litmus – – that shows every issue about CTAs you could possibly want to know about.

A lot of the ideas are obvious, but the obvious isn’t always obvious, particularly when there are other design constraints. Of course, colour and size get a mention, but did you know there is even a law to back this up; this Fitt’s Law  – – states that:

“The time required to rapidly move to a target area is a function of the distance to the target and the size of the target”.

I also enjoyed the snippet that showed that buttons with arrows encourage more clicks than those that don’t – collectively these small tweaks can make a difference. Another “old chestnut”, showing the value of the click to the clicker is also covered in the how not to do it section.

By Dr Dave Chaffey – 


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