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Blocked On Weibo Is A Blog Documenting Words That Are Censored From China’s Microblogs

China’s Internet censorship policy, known as the Great Firewall, has a huge impact on the country’s Internet space. Not only are a number of popular Western Web services blocked — including Twitter and Facebook — but those in the country have restricted access to content — both Chinese and foreign — that is considered ‘sensitive’ by authorities.Those who are looking to know more can find it, word-by-word, at the Blocked On Weibo – – Tumblr; a promising, if small-scale, initiative that documents some of the thousands of terms that are blocked in the country.The blog is the creation of Jason Q. Ng  – – who does his best to explain the reasoning behind the blocking of each word, although often explanations are speculative as it can be unclear, while there is no official line from the government.See post – by Jon Russell  – 

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