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4 Tips for Creating a Consistent Transmedia Content Strategy

By Denise Zimmerman – @dzimmerman
A consistent transmedia content strategy will facilitate more meaningful connections with your customers and extend the value of your content and amplify its overall impact.
While the best practices for content strategy are still evolving, there are steps you can take now to implement an effective transmedia content agenda that can be updated as content marketing practices continue to take shape.
Here are a few tips to consider as you get started:
1. Establish content strategy as a practice and discipline in your organizationContent can be audio, video, a logo, words, pictures, a button, meta data, tags, a tweet — anything that conveys meaning to spur action to achieve business goals.Content is anything that is at the core of what makes and supports meaningful, interactive experiences.Establishing a content strategy practice begins with a universally understood and accepted definitionOutline a process and methodology to standardize content development across your company.2. Connect your content efforts to existing brand and/or marketing goalsTo be consistent, your content strategy must evolve from the core, centralized, and overarching brand and/or marketing priorities that your company has in place.To make this actionable when developing your content strategy, ask yourself a few key questions:Are your content ideas consistent with your current brand personas and marketing goals?How will your content fit into, support, and advance your overall marketing strategy?Are your messages on brand?Also look to develop content guidelines (much like brand guidelines) and style guides to help facilitate, guide, and direct future efforts for all your team members in content and marketing, so that your efforts will all speak to your overall branding and outreach goals.3. Identify, analyze, and prioritizeIt all starts by performing an overall audit and analysis of existing content.This helps fuel your content strategy but will also help identify content sourcing resources and opportunities to maximize those resourcesContinue reading – 4. Make content findable, distributable, and extendable

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