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3 Myths Of Guest Writing For Big Websites And 6 Tactics For Doing It Well

Guest posting is a fantastic way to get your name, message, and offer in front of tens of thousands of readers. And the best part? It won’t cost you a penny.
Why aren’t more writers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders doing it? Why aren’t you doing it?
Because you think you’re not ready. Even though you almost certainly are …
The three “Myths of Guest Blogging” you’ll see this in this post again and again.
Let’s dispel them right now, before we get into the good stuff …Here’s how you can get started.
Myth #1: “I need to have a well-established blog”Myth #2: “I don’t write well enough”Myth #3: “I have to build up a relationship before pitching a guest post”
To maximize your chances of acceptance, here are 5 steps you need to master: Post by Ali Luke – 

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