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14 Ways To Build Strategic Relationships With The Who’s Who Of Social Media |

Sometimes you just feel stuck. You’re doing everything “you should be doing” but not really going anywhere. There has to be a better way …

There is, and that’s where industry influencers come into play.

1. Start cultivating

2. Show your support

3. Become their informal (or formal) “Community Manager”

4. Connect them to a great resource or person

5. Cover their keynote

6. Offer free consulting to improve their business

7. Review their book, product or event

8. Interview them

9. Tell them something’s broken

10. Give them honest feedback

11. Create a valuable resource for your community

12. Riff off one of their ideas (not rip off)

13. Become a customer

14. Offer to write a guest post

Can you go too far? Absolutely

A few quick tips 

  • Only make connections with people whose work you genuinely admire and respect. It will show.
  • It’s networking, not stalking. You need to know where that line is. Respect boundaries.
  • Be helpful, not annoying.
  • Don’t expect an instant return. Networking is about relationships, not exchanging favors.
  • Treat everyone with respect. Not just the people you consider “influencers.”

By Tom Treanor – 


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