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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Trust the Curators

If you do anything professionally related to online technology, you understand the immense amount of data you need to sort through daily. Debra Ashkanase – a fellow “” – – curator has begun trusting the curators. “Trusting others to curate content has become my primary means for gathering relevant information about social media and particularly, nonprofit technology.” Trusting the […]

When Should Brands Tweet For The Greatest Reach? |

We want people to notice our tweets—to read and retweet them—whether they come from a personal Twitter account or that of a brand. It’s not a one-size-fits-all answer. You need the knowhow and the tools— The subject and wording of a tweet is often (though not always) less important than its timing. Time of day […]

Content Curation And 12 More Content Marketing Terms Defined |

“Social Media” is so 91 days and 42 seconds ago… Content Strategy and Content Marketing may be the marketing buzz words of 2012 but their meaning is still debated by the best consultants in the field, in the halls (or conference calls) of large organizations and on the trade show floors of today’s hottest marketing conferences. […]

9 Ingredients For A Successful Marketing Program

Creating a successful marketing program that drives lead generation is a mix of the right ingredients. Use too much of one thing, and your entire recipe may fail. From the pros at Marketo, here are the ingredients – – you need for a marketing program that delivers demand generating results. 1. Target Line of Business: 2. Target Role: 3. […]

Bad News For Social Media ROI Skeptics: Study |

A new study shows that the most social-savvy companies are using social engagement to expand marketshare, generate more sales leads and more efficiently hone their marketing message. The Study – [pdf], conducted by Austin-based PulsePoint Group – – and The Economist Intelligence Unit, says companies that fully embrace social engagement are seeing “four times greater business impact  – ” than […]

7 Reasons B2B Marketers Should Love Slideshare

7 reasons to take a serious look Slideshare presentations are highly shareable and embeddable. It’s similar to loading video content to YouTube – you get your content in an external hub and can use the embed code to embed the presenation on your and others blogs, other people can do that too, if you enable […]

14 Ways To Build Strategic Relationships With The Who’s Who Of Social Media |

Sometimes you just feel stuck. You’re doing everything “you should be doing” but not really going anywhere. There has to be a better way … There is, and that’s where industry influencers come into play. 1. Start cultivating 2. Show your support 3. Become their informal (or formal) “Community Manager” 4. Connect them to a […]