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Value Creation is Inherent in Social Business

By Rawn Shah – 
“There have been many attempts in the drive to describe the value of social and collaborative environments.The need to focus on delivering social business specifically to lines of business and creating value for their specific business needs, goals and operations.First, I think we need to look at how the inherent properties, which emerge from working as a social business, can create value for an organization. This is value creation independent of any operational problem it aims to solve; so, in that light, they refer to categories of value creation. These categories interestingly enough also build on each other, creating a compounding effect as the social environment, and the business emphasis the organization places on it, matures hand in hand.[Note: My presentation on slideshare – – particularly slides 20-25, should be a helpful companion to this piece along with the visual description and additional points.]”Continue Reading: 

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