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The Social Media Lifecycle + #Infographic

By Pam Dyer 
Social media marketing campaigns have been successful for many brands, so why aren’t more companies reporting great results?
uberVU has an interesting guide for marketers called 4 Pillars of Social Media Success  – .
Monitoring, analytics, engagement, reporting, and collaboration are part of a feedback loop uberVU calls the Social Media Lifecycle.
To accomplish your business objectives by using social media, you need to go through this loop over and over again.
Included in the white paper is an examination of how some brands use this social media feedback loop to reach their goals and how they measure progress. It explores why more companies aren’t reporting great results from their initiatives, and the reasons that contribute to lack of success.
uberVU also created the Infographic below from the data they collected for the white paper, which is a must-read for CMOs, marketers, social media specialists, and anyone who wants to learn how to use social media to achieve business goals and track key performance indicators.
Check Out the Key Takeaways: 

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