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The Simplified Guide to Social Media for Small Businesses

By Blog Tyrant – @BlogTyrant
Social Media is Not Going Away.And if you are a small business you wouldn’t want it to. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… the list is huge (and possibly overwhelming) but the potential for growing your business, expanding your customer base and making more money is just as vast.
Some small businesses are now using social media to grow profits. Others are struggling to navigate the jungle and are making mistakes along the way.
I’ll answer all the questions you’ll need to know including:
~What is social media?
~What social media sites should your small business be using?
~How do you get started on the most important sites?
~How do you use social media to grow profits?
~What strategies and tools will help you grow faster?
~What have the best social media users been doing? (Case studies)
~What are the dangers of social media?
Let’s jump right in! You’ve got over 3,500 words to get through: 

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