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Social Media Usage Across Cultures @AnneEgros

With the globalization we have seen an increase of usage of social media everywhere.
According to Nielsen research (January 2010), global consumers spent more than five and half hours per month on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter in December 2009, an 82% increase from the same time last year.
However there are great differences on how people use social media in different countries. For example Brazilians are the top social media users worldwide according to another global survey by Nielsen (June 2010). People in Brazil communicate mainly in Portuguese. The social network made by Google, Orkut, has been adopted by 50% of Brazilians internet users but is not very popular in the United States.For global marketers and people who want to develop both local and international networks, it is important to determine how people from different countries interact with social media.
There are five main driving factors that determine the choice of platforms and content:1. Purposes of using social media2. How open the culture is to share information online (privacy and security)3. Online purchasing behavior4. Languages other than English used5. Number and types of social media users among total population


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