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Social Business or Social Media: A Visual Perspective

By Tyrell Mara – @TyrellMara
Social Business or Social MediaWhat is the difference? There are two that immediately come to mind:Scope and Value.
I have recently been fascinated and very passionate about the opportunities that are presenting themselves based on this new way that we are connecting through the social web, and social media.
The opportunities truly are extensive, and this is no different with business. Yet, the majority of businesses I work with and talk to today are very happy creating a department, back office, or desk where their “social media” role can play. Eliminating any opportunity to see how social can influence and integrate with the rest of the business…
This fully integrated approach to social media and leveraging the social web, I believe, is Social Business.(Click to see a bigger version – )
What does a social business model look like – where each dept. of an organization is leveraging the social web, and social networks specific to their strategy?

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