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Report: Content and the New Marketing Equation

By Brian Solis – @briansolis
Rebecca Lieb, my colleague at Altimeter Group released a new Report,“Content: The New Marketing Equation Why Organizations Must Rebalance.” – 
This Report helps organizations find balance in the creation of effective content strategies while delivering value to stakeholders and consumers and also the bottom line.
It’s safe to assume that the attention of the audience as we knew it is waning.
And when we look at the online and mobile behavior of connected customers, a sense of responsibility emerges as everyday people become media beacons in their own right.
As such, they rigorously share and curate for their audience with an editorial-style approach as what was once a static audience is now an audience with an audience of audiences.
People are learning that there are rewards for contributing to signal instead of the noise.Those who do not, learn the hard way…that people will disconnect in order to preserve the integrity of their stream.
Such is true for organizations.For those organizations that do not contribute value to social streams will find that content and desired voices will fall upon the severed ties of once captive communities.
Rebecca’s Report will help companies identify a path for increasing relevance. And, it starts with adopting an always-on approach that extends campaigns through a continuum model.
As she observes…

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