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Pinning = Winning | The #Infographic

By Modea – @Modea
As marketers are scrambling to discover how to best leverage Pinterest, one thing has become clear:
Most users are even spending more time, on average, pinning than they are on hanging out on Facebook.
Here’s what you need to know about Pinterest user demographics.
With an average of 1.36 million users daily, the social photo pinboard has taken the web by storm, and top online retailers are following suit.
Now, Who are these feverish pinners?  
The majority are female mothers — 28% have a household income of $100k+.
The power of Pinterest lies in the fact that it transforms every one of its users into a personal curator of content at the click of a button.
The visual nature and simple experience is a great fit for brands that want to be an organic part of their customer’s social lives.
Pinterest provokes a resurgence of web site referrals, which have been trending downward since the advent of other social sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Pinterest is the new digital doorway to your brand and you’re no longer the gatekeeper.
The details included in the following Infographic will help you better understand this audience and ultimately, the undeniable impact of Pinterest as a referral platform. 

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