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Love Is in the Air—and Online – ERWW Study Reveals + #Infographic

By Naomi Troni – 
Euro RSCG Worldwide’s annual Valentine’s Day survey explores the impact of social networking on romantic relationships and uncovers significant differences in the sex lives and desires of Americans based on politics and social media preferences.
When the Internet first was opened to public use, it was widely assumed that pornography would be its biggest draw. And for years it was.
Today, in contrast, social media is the primary reason for having an Internet account—and social networking is having a significant impact on how we meet people and develop our relationships.
A majority of the 1,000 online Americans Euro RSCG surveyed earlier this month say online dating has become mainstream, and just about half (49 percent) know someone whose relationship started with online interactions. Four in 10 admit to having flirted with someone online; a quarter of the sample say they’ve experienced strong feelings of attraction for someone on the Internet; and around 1 in 5 (19 percent—and 22 percent of those aged 1834) say they’ve actually had a romantic, sexual, or erotic relationship online.
While not everyone actively uses the Internet as a hunting ground for love and lust, the effects of interactions online are beginning to spill over into offline lives as more people spend more time on social media sites: 

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