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Landing Pages 3.0: How Content & Context Plays A More Meaningful Role

By Scott Brinker – @chiefmartec
Landing pages have evolved a lot over the past five years. Back in 2007, landing pages were almost cliché — what I would call Landing Pages 1.0.
2008 was the year when a new generation of landing pages took off — call it Landing Pages 2.0. Landing pages were definitely getting better at persuading people to convert. But for the most part, they were still somewhat formulaic — just following a better, richer formula.
In the past year, there’s been another qualitative jump to a new generation of landing pages — Landing Pages 3.0.Landing Page 3.0 marketers have studied best practices, absorbed them into their thinking, but they’re now ready to synthesize new creative ideas of their own — unafraid to break the “rules” to deliver remarkable experiences to their audience.

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