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How To Use White Papers In Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Mitt Ray – @MittRay
A simple guide on how small business can benefit by integrating white papers into their content marketing strategy.
Social media and blogs are usually the basic requirements of every content marketing strategy.
Having a good blog with a lot of good content and being able to share them on social media platforms with lots of followers and fans can be a really good start. But the marketing material you should never forget to use in your content marketing strategy; is a white paper.
White papers differ from blogs and other form of content as they have a tiny bit of direct marketing messages in them. Most of the white paper is generally content, but a small fraction of a white paper consists of direct marketing material. A blog can be very powerful and educative, but it would normally take you some time before you start generating leads (on average it takes about 6 months for a blog to generate leads) from it.
This is why white papers are used in content marketing to shorten the gestation period of lead generation. White papers can speedup lead generation through their educative and persuasive nature and cut short the vast amounts of time blogs take.
How can Businesses Use White Papers in their Content Marketing Strategy: 

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