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How Storify And Pinterest Are Cultivating The Wild Web, And Why Social Media Will Civilize The Internet

By E.D. Kain – @erikkain
Sites like Pinterest allow users to cultivate content socially. The buzz these days in the tech universe has been all Pinterest all the time, and with good reason.Pinterest gives people the ability to curate photos on various online pinboards easily and quickly, and to follow pinboards curated by others.
Storify does something similar. Not only does the “social story-telling” site allow users to login in via Facebook or Twitter, it allows them to curate stories or events on the web using Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and various other social media and news sites.Tech blogger, Robert Scoble, is impressed – .“Storify is even easier than Pinterest, in quite a few ways,” he notes. “Finding new content is awesome. Dragging it around and redesigning it is mondo easy (try to move a Pin from one pinboard to the next in Pinterest and you’ll see that Storify’s iPad app is a lot easier).”
Cultivating The Wild Web: 

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