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How Not to Think About Thought Leadership (and How to Do It Right)

By Haydn Shaughnessy –  @haydn1701 
Strategy – Thought leadership—if done correctly—can prompt sales leads to come to you. But some companies still get it wrong. 
Like content strategy, thought leadership is a relatively new option for companies that want to improve their visibility and connections online in ways that prompt sales leads to come to you.
But thought leadership is, much more than content strategy, subject to the Bill Joy rule, which says that most smart people in the world don’t work for your company.
How, then, do you possibly develop a thought leadership strategy?
If you get your thought leadership strategy right, customers will see you as a go-to source of expertise, your new products or incremental improvements will find easier acceptance, you’ll stand a good chance of bolstering product price (which is critical in many industries where commoditization is at work), and you’ll attract talent more easily.
Inevitably, some companies will get it wrong, so in this article I will outline why that happens, how to avoid the major mistakes companies make, and what to do to excel in thought leadership.Read more: 

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