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How Hollywood is Using Piracy Against Us #Infographic

It’s a good thing movies like Titanic and The Lion King are being re-released – movie executives are too busy fighting the war against digital piracy to make any new film content.
Even though the internet essentially defeated the SOPA and PIPA bills, the movie industry is still relentlessly waging war against piracy.
They continue to push forward with treaties and bills like ACTA. What many of us don’t know, though, is that the film industry fled to Hollywood in order to get away from copyright laws and fees in the first place. The film industry now wants these copyright laws to be conveniently enforced for their own benefit.
This Infographic will identify just how much hypocrisy is surrounding Hollywood.
Think about what you are helping to fund next time you buy that over-priced movie ticket. You might just be funding a war against yourself.

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