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Five Types of Social Media Influencers

By Raymond Morin – @RaymondMorinV2
In order to succeed on social networks, I emphasized the importance for professionals position itself amongst leaders.
In addition, I explained that it is essential for brands and companies to identify and track users that are the most influential, to ensure that they eventually become their ambassadors.
What Makes A Good Influencer?
“Influence” is a concept difficult to evaluate since it refers to both subjective and objective values, resulting in a measurement of:~commercial and financial success
~reputation and credibility
~quality of affiliations and contacts
~charisma and the impact of personality
For each of these values, the notion of influence may vary from person to person.
In fact, in the age of social media, the definition is changing as how to identify influencers.
Today, thanks to online applications, all social media users now have the opportunity to stand out and in turn become leaders in respect to their interests.
As a result, marketers and public relation professionals are forced to reassess their approach to define the notion influence on social networks.
Influencers on social media are either passionate individuals who turn out to be specialists or professionals involved who use Web 2.0 tools as part of their work.
They take advantage of their presence on social networks for personal gain or as representative (or ambassador) a brand, company or organization.
They produce and sharing relevant content, appealing to the interests of a community.
This can result in regularly prompting discussions and interactions that might have influence on behaviors.
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