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Design is Marketing

By Chuck Longanecker – @dtelepathy
Everywhere you turn, people are talking about design. It’s been hailed as the core ingredient to the success of everything from ad campaigns, to products, to entire companies.
We can thank Steve Jobs (among many others) for this design-focused renaissance.
He trained consumers to expect things that not only look great, but are designed to “make sense,” and create experiences that are, in his words, “magical”.
Great design makes products more useful, allowing the user to be more effective, leading to greater satisfaction and, frankly, happiness.
This market expectation means that design is no longer optional; it is required for success. In today’s design-minded culture your product can be easily disrupted or ignored without thoughtful design.
When it comes to designing for the Web, there are core actions you want users to take. You may want them to sign up, download something, buy something, subscribe or share with their friends. Each can be optimized through design that meets the user’s needs.
Here’s how: 

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