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Creating Minimalist Designs Makes You a Better Designer

By Karol K.
The trend of using minimalist designs has been with us for a while now. It seems like every day major design blogs publish a new gallery of great designs.
But do minimalist designs actually mean anything to a designer? Can you become a better web designer by going the minimalist way or is it just a fad?
Actually, I do believe that it is a fad. But at the same time I also believe that you can learn a lot from it and use it to improve your skills significantly.
First of all, minimalist designs are here not without a reason. After the dark age of the ’90s (the dark age of web design, that is) came the year 2000 along with many Flash animations, fancy Photoshop graphics, and all kinds of other clutter. So finally after 20 years of noise a time of calm has come, bringing us this whole minimalism. People simply had enough off all the sites that were impossible to grasp and extremely user-unfriendly.
Minimalist designs change all that and provide a new, friendly environment. There’s nothing else on minimalist websites except for the things that absolutely need to be there.There’s no clutter and no confusion.And the sites are easy to grasp within the first 2 seconds of looking at them.That is, of course, when done right.
So how can web designers use the trend of minimalism to improve their skills, and how to actually design a minimalist site properly?

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