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A Blueprint For Content Marketing + #Infographic

By Danyl Bosomworth – @danny_boy
An Infographic explaining how inbound marketing works together with content marketing
Whether you call it inbound marketing, social media marketing or content marketing, we’re broadly referring to the same thing; at least that’s how we see it.
Dave and I believe that inbound marketing starts with considered, quality content, well published and promoted that, in turn, drives the inbound benefit through sharing and search.
The ‘free bonus’ is that you’re link-building and gaining social signals for search engine optimisation as well creating great content – something so often over-looked and under-valued.
The Content Marketing Model Infographic
This Content Marketing Model was developed at First 10 Digital when working with a client who wanted to understand the full process for her team.
We hope our Infographic will help you plot your success too. 

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