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7 Stages of the Content Hourglass + #Infographic

By John Jantsch – @ducttape
The need to produce content in marketing has grown so foundational that you can’t really get through a day without hearing about it, reading about it and perhaps stressing out about it.
Marketers are beginning to think and act more like publishers and are producing, curating and repurposing content like never before.
You may indeed need more content, but you certainly need content that addresses every one of your base business objectives and you need to view the editorial calendar of sorts in this strategic light.
In other words, you need content for every aspect of the customer life-cycle and you need to stage that content in something I call The Marketing HourglassTM. 
The hourglass acknowledges the fact that your job as a marketer is to get someone with a need to know, like and trust you and that you then need to plan to turn that know, like and trust into try, buy, repeat and refer – and that each of these stages must address a prospect’s evolving relationship with your organization.
In other words, you need to plan to walk with someone that comes to know about your business all the way down the path to where they become a fan and volunteer member of your sales team.
One of the best tools in the hourglass arsenal is content.
One of the best ways to employ content in a strategic manner is to match different kinds of content – – with the stages of the hourglass and customer life cycle.
So, your content hourglass might look something like this: 

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