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7 Essentials of an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy | @DigiStreamMedia

These days, every business needs to utilize the power of social media in order to compete successfully.
The huge popularity of social sites has made them a superior way to connect with customers and to network with others in your field or industry.There are lots of businesses and individuals who are struggling with how to incorporate Social Media and it can all turn into a big mess very quickly if it is not set up and maintained professionally and efficiently.Whether you outsource your social media management or manage it in-house, in order to have the best success, planning your strategy carefully, and documenting it, is key.Below are seven essential framework components for an effective social media marketing strategy.
Essential # 1 – Executive SummaryThis may be the only document your CEO or a prospective investor may review so it should be written as a summary of all of the components of your plan.Begin with a general overview of your intentions for the social media marketing strategy. You will want to create short sections that address the problem, the solution, the opportunity, competitive advantages, a handful of bullet points that describe how you will monetize social media, who the core members of the team are, the economics of social media marketing, and funding required and the milestones the organization hopes to achieve using the funds.This may also include elements such as customer outreach, integration with your existing websites and blogs, distribution of digital content (if relevant), and development of customer loyalty through engagement.

Essential # 2 – Goals and ObjectivesNext, consider what the primary goals and objectives of the strategy will be. This may depend on your area of business – for example, if you are an author, one objective may be to connect with your fans. In general, the three goals of any marketing strategy are to raise brand awareness, to engage customers and build a community, and to transform anonymous traffic into customers.
Essential # 3 – Target AudienceYour target audience is your current customers and potential customers, who should be described in detail in this section. One of the goals being to gain new customers, you may need to do some research to determine what the demographics are of your potential customer base.
Essential # 4 – Locations and Sites

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