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6 Things That Separate Good Content From Great Content – #OMS12

By Ashley Zeckman If you are part of the online marketing or content marketing industry you have undoubtably heard of Joe Pulizzi (@juntajoe) and his company the Content Marketing Institute (CMI)….The true takeaway is determining a way to differentiate yourself from your peers and your competition.
A Brief History of Content MarketingContent marketing is not a new concept. In fact, one of the first slides in his presentation showed a newsletter from 1931 published by John Deere. Their print publication the “Furrow” was created as a way to educate their customers about their products and services, and provided a way to solve some of the common technology issues that they were facing. One quote from Joe that stuck out in my mind during the presentation was:
“From the days of cave men writing on the walls, brands have been creating stories to sell their product and form a connection.”
The Barriers to Entry are GoneThe issues that our content marketing forefathers faced are far different than those we face today. The barriers to entry or our ability to get in front of potential customers is no longer a hurdle. Where are we now?Content Acceptance: prospects and customers can accept a piece of content online within 3 seconds.Talent: Journalists that would have previously worked as editors or writers for major publications have now shifted to the brand side.Technology: We can now execute a content strategy that will not cost an extravagant amount of money to distribute. Often times the technology we use is at no charge.Pulizzi stressed that we must do what we can to make a difference for our audience.
But how can we accomplish this seemingly difficult task? Through storytelling! A well-formed story is an essential part of an online marketing strategy.
If you are trying to figure out why you aren’t having much interaction, it’s probably because you don’t have compelling stories. Online tactics including search engine optimization, lead generation, and social media should al be focused around telling a compelling story to engage your audience.
After all, we know that facts tell and stories sell!
One of the examples shared was that of Coca-Cola. The brand has recently released a series of videos that provide their take on the future of content marketing and more specifically the importance of storytelling.If you’re interested you can find links to the videos below:

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