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5 Myths of Internet Marketing @technorati

5 common misconceptions about internet marketing…
Before you turn your nose away from internet marketing for your business, consider what discouraged you from the prospect in the first place.
A lot of Flash equals a lot of customersWrong. Flash actually takes a lot of time to load for some people, and paying for a ton of flashy, moving things on your site won’t necessarily draw in customers. In fact, a good and simple format works far better since it loads faster for people, and flash really drags the loading time almost to a halt (depending on how much flash you actually used.)What really keeps a site from going downhill and moving up at a slow but steady pace is the content. Internet marketing isn’t all about the cover. Customers don’t look for a good front page to get what they want. They look for something specific, such as a certain service or product. Everything else is just fluff.
Your business doesn’t belong on the InternetGone are the days when people would sit around with a newspaper and pen in hand with the phone by their side. Almost every house has a computer now, and it almost always has an internet connection. In fact, a computer that can’t handle an internet connection has a bit of a stone age feel to it, and there isn’t much you can do with the machine.Read more: 


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