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5 Key Trends Supercharging Today’s Digital PR

By Stacy Green – @stacygreen
In 2012, Social Media will move beyond growth to saturation.
This means that digital public relations is changing quickly.
Recently, I had an opportunity to speak about the opportunities and trends in digital public relations at the PR News Digital Summit.
Here’s a quick look at what I think social media saturation and mobile growth mean for public relations this year:
1. Beyond the Second Screen: 24 Hours of Screens
According to Comscore’s recent social media study – , the social media category as a whole is on the cusp of becoming the dominant form of online content; it accounted for 16.6% of Internet time in 2011.And this year it is expected to surpass portals as the most engaging online activity.
Engagement is the key word there.
Social media saturation coupled with the rapid growth of mobile, tablets and connected TVs mean we are beyond the second screen — we are now at more than 24 hours’ worth of screens per day. There are even apps to influence your dreams!
People are constantly connected and consuming media, which sounds daunting but it is great news for media creators. And now PR professionals are not soley pitching the media, but they too are media creators.Continue – 

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