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Executives Embrace Social Have You?

By Chad Bockius

Socialcast recently released a great Infographic outlining how executives use social networks.

Here is the image itself and a few interesting stats.

92% of executives use LinkedIn making it the most popular social network. Facebook comes in second with 51% stating they use it. When it comes to frequency, executives are spending quite a bit of time on these sites. 40% said they are using it many times per day although their capacity for variety is limited. Half of the respondents stated they only use 3-5 social media sites in total.

Another great part of the study was the top five reasons executives use social networks.

Here is what they found:

Great way to keep track of peers and colleagues

  • Easy access to thought leadership or information that can not be found elsewhere

Good way to showcase themselves or their companies

  • Easy access to learning and professional development
  • To find out what others think of products, vendors or approaches

Of course, there are still concerns when it comes to social media.

The top fears listed were:

  1. They want control (in an a world based on transparency)
  2. Lack of understanding (around technology that changes every day)
  3. They fear it will just be a fad (you must have a plan and clear goals)

Intrigued? Looking to model yourself against someone?. Check out the latest article in the Harvard Business Review about Brian Dunn, CEO of Best Buy. The article outlines his use of Social (no he does not outsource it to his communications team!).

I found it very enlightening and a great example of where the industry is headed.

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