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Australian Mobile Internet Usage Doubles

Australian Mobile Internet Usage Doubles

By Kim Heras

According to the recently released Sensis e-Business ReportMobile Internet Usage has almost doubled in the past year, with Australians turning to their phones to access the Internet even when a computer is available.

Report author Christena Singh said more than 4 in 10 Australians used mobile internet, mainly at home or at work where they may have access to a computer.

Australians are most commonly accessing mobile web at work or at home (both 42%), followed by when they are in transit (30%) and when out and about (10%).

Mobile internet usage is considered almost mainstream now, with usage fairly commonplace across most age groups. While younger Australians are more likely to use mobile internet, half of Australians in their 30s are using mobile web, while over 4 in 10 log on when they are in their 40s, Ms Singh said.


The Report, which  explores how Australians interact online, the use of social media, the rate of mobile internet connectivity and the level with which children are supervised online, also suggests children are using the internet earlier.

26% start at five years or younger, up 2% points over the year.

The most frequent age children start using the internet is between six and 10 years (46%). Almost 4 in 10 visit social networking sites, with 31% using online chat rooms.  

The Report also shows that Australians are using more applications when connecting to the mobile web.

Some of the most popular applications being used are:

  • looking for information on products or services (82%)

  • paying for purchases or bills (65%)

  • downloading or viewing video content (up 11 percentage points to 47%)

  • social networking (up 15 percentage points to 56%)

The most popular activity Australians are undertaking specifically using mobile Internet are:

looking for maps and directions (67%)

looking for weather information (64% )

browsing new sites (59%)

looking for products and services (56%)

using a social network site (56%)

checking sports results (46%)

looking for suppliers (45%)

downloading a mobile app (42%)

using a satellite navigation (40%)

downloading video content (35%)

There continues to be a correlation between age and social networking usage. During the year, however, usage increased most among those in their 40s, up 26% points to 54%.

Social networking sites are also visited more frequently, with 20% of Australians logging on several times per day, up 5 percentage points over the year.

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