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Nimble, a Razorfish Report on Publishing in the Digital Age

Nimble contends that the industry needs to develop additional revenue models that build on the brand’s core value proposition
Several models to consider are:
» Paid Content – The key to success in implementing this model is developing new products and services that align with the brand’s value proposition while providing unique, meaningful experiences to users.
» Partnering on Product Development – Selling content products and services, instead of just the content itself, can provide a revenue stream for the publisher
» Advertising – This traditional model needs to leverage the opportunities specifically offered by digital content such as the ability to track, alter and personalize ads quickly and effectively
» Affiliate Partnership – Publishing companies can charge affiliates a fee to incorporate their links to related services with the content
» Value-Add Approach – Offer free content that drives sales of paid services or products, therefore making it more useful or appealing to the audience.
Here are some of the takeaways
» All content must be free.
This doesn’t mean that publishers must give the content away for free. Rather it means that it needs to be free to be accessed wherever and whenever consumers want to access it. Along those lines, the more containers you put around the content (in terms of metatags that express the meaning and function of the content) the more free it will get. It is also worth  mentioning that container limitations (think in terms of TV segment length or column inches) do not exist for digital media.
» Editors will become curators for managing digital content.
And not just their own content but also that of their readers. This includes user comments, partner content and automatically generated content. I’d argue that editors should already be filling this role and if they aren’t then something is missing. And not just that, they need to be curators wherever content around their brand is published. This includes the social platforms.
» Publishers will need to explore new revenue models.
It is a no brainer that this is required. We live in an age where content is everything but scarce and therefore it is not an easily monetizable asset. As a result, publishers must deliver additional services that align with the brand’s value proposition while providing unique, meaningful value to users. For example, free content can be used as a way to drive sales of paid products and services.
» New advertising and other partnership opportunities will arise.
Audiences are more receptive to highly relevant services and advertising that augment the content experience. We’re already starting to see this and more will be visible in the coming months. For example, leveraging publisher data in unique ways can lead to more targeted advertising.
Read AyerViernes’s entire post here and please read the entire Report below or download here: Nimble, a Razorfish Report on Publishing in the Digital Age for all the wonderful insights, by content strategist – Rachel Lovinger!

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