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Most Marketers Use Social Media

Most Marketers Use Social Media

SocialMediaExaminer surveyed 1,898 respondents, of which 98% were business owners or employees, 1% were students and 1% unemployed, via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email [me included] during a five-day period [January 2010].

Please download the complete report here: SocialMediaMarketingReport2010

Thank you Michael Stelzner !

Findings Include:

Nine in 10 Marketers Use Social Media [Small businesses were slightly more likely to be using social media]


Experience Growing, But Still Low

65% of marketers have either just started using social media (22%) or only been using it for a few months (43%)


More B2B companies have been using social media longer than their B2C counterparts.

Most Marketers Use Social Media at Least Six Hours Weekly

A combined 12.5% of marketers spend more than 20 hours each week on social media.


The largest group used social media one to 5 hours per week and 76% of marketers are spending at least four hours each week on their social media marketing efforts.



More Experience Equals More Usage

There is a direct relationship between how long marketers have been using social media and their weekly time commitment.

Newbies commitment was one hour per week. However, for marketers who have adopted social media for a few months or longer, the median jumps to 10 hours per week.


Almost Half of Global Marketers Use SocNets

Almost half of global marketers currently use social media in their marketing efforts, according to a recent study from marketing technology provider Unica Global Marketing Survey2010 []

In addition, comparing US and Canadian marketers with their European counterparts, the study reveals that a much higher percentage of marketers in North America (58%) currently use social media than marketers in Europe (34%).

Please refer to entire article here: Most Marketers Use Social Media, But are New to It []

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