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So To Get Found – Your Social Marketing Strategy Must Reach Across All Platforms

Ecademy founder Penny Power , who recently wrote Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me: What Online Social Networking Means for You and Your Business, recommends a digital marketing strategy that covers all platforms:

"So you need to think now much broader than just being get found on Google. You need to think about how are you being found inside the social networks?

How are you being found inside Twitter? What conversations do you want to part of? So if you went into a room of people that were having conversations, and you were in a room of a hundred conversations taking place, and with Twitter, you can almost hear all those ten or twenty or a hundred conversations going on and watch them, what conversations do you want to be a part of so that you’re found inside those relevant conversations?

So if people are talking about holidays, how can you make sure that you’re talking about what you do around the holiday industry? Or property, or finance, or marketing. What conversation do you want to be a part of? And explore ways of finding those conversations and being part of that conversation.

So to Get Found is about being found everywhere all the time, 24-by-7. Be around everywhere, so that people can have that conversation with you at the right time at the right place for them."

 original show with Penny Power  (

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Tony Mack
Tony Mack

so To Get Found – your social marketing strategy must reach across all platforms:  @maxOz
Ecademy founder Penny Po...

Tony Mack
Tony Mack

so To Get Found – your social marketing strategy must reach across all platforms:@maxOz
Ecademy found..

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