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7 Step B2B Social Media Content Sharing Strategy | Social Media B2B

Kipp Bodnar

I am in agreement with Kipp; sharing is definitely a key factor when it comes to Social Media.

I have taken the main points from Kipp’s post:

“When it comes to the social web people often spend too much time talking about the applications and not nearly enough about the content that fuels them. Sharing content and information is the currency of the social web, and without content the platforms are useless. So when we think about B2B social media success we obviously need to focus on content. Though we have written many posts on how to create B2B content for the web, today I want to address how to share content.

Before we get to strategy, I have one rule. “The Rule: Don’t only share your content, people don’t care about ONLY your content.”… let’s talk about developing a strategy and tactics for sharing content on social web. This framework should work for sharing content your business creates as well as other relevant information to those in your industry.

7 Step B2B Social Media Content Sharing Strategy”
  • 1. Understand What Is Interesting To The People You Are Trying To Influence
  • 2. Develop A Process To Gather Relevant Information To Share
  • 3. Preform A Content Distribution Inventory
  • 4. Segment B2B Content By Platform
  • 5. Set Up Cross-Posting
  • 6. Implement Measurement For Each Distribution Method
  • 7. Optimize Distribution TimingSharing content buildings credibility and improves all inbound marketing efforts.
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    Do you suggest any other content sharing tips that we could add?
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